About Us

Like many farmers, we have experienced difficulties and complexities of purchasing or selling processes of agricultural tools and machinery in its traditional form at some period of time and we are aware well that it is stressful, time-consuming and confusing work finding the best possible options to purchase and/or putting our personal agricultural parts and machinery to be sold in the current crowded market. Therefore, as the people who aren’t indifferent towards agricultural issues and various developments in this dynamic industry; we decided to create and start up a real and virtual base by examining similar foreign experiences and understanding the needs, available constraints and opportunities in addition to reviewing the country’s current buying and selling market scientifically and profoundly. 4Shakh will help farmers and wholesalers to achieve their optimal results with the presence in cyberspace with the least trouble and in the shortest time by clarifying the buying and selling process of any type of agricultural machinery and equipment. In this regard, we have tried to develop and update tools in large farms by integrating supply and demand of second-hand agricultural machinery or presenting new products of honorable manufacturers and facilitate the conditions for our dear countrymen.

4Shakh’s website (www.4shakh.com) has been started up for the purpose of integrating of tools and products of Iranian farmers, manufacturers and importers in Iran and the 4Shakh mobile application shall be available for more ease and facilities of sales channels for android and iso user soon. This important subject has been established and executed in Europe for years which in fact 4Shakh website and application is a localized and usable sample out of the strongest sample in Europe for homeland users and farmers.

Current Opportunities:
- To integrate the supply and demand system on agricultural machinery and tools.
- To make farmers access to other partners’ tools across the country.

We have used our effort for promoting the technological and scientific level and embedding the price in agricultural industry by providing the foregoing opportunities and needs.

We have made every effort to achieve maximum simplification and clarification in the buying and selling process of agricultural machinery but we are always waiting for your constructive comments and suggestions to improve this process eagerly. If you want to share your comments with us; send them for us to the email address: info@ 4shakh .com